About The Film

The sport of falconry in uncharted territory: the deserts of Balochistan, with an international cast of Qataris, Baloch, Lebanese and Egyptians. DISARMING FALCONS illuminates the falconers’ all-consuming love for his falcon, and its wily and fierce prey – the Houbara Bustard. This 15-minute documentary offers a rare glimpse of the nomads and tribal people encountered along the way. It is also a story that crosses cultural, class and gender lines as men and women, Muslims and westerners, poor and rich, all make a journey into the desert to hunt with falcons.

Produced by Albert Larew – Directed by Wendy Johnson & Annie Nocenti – Edited by Jasmin Way

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Award Laurel

I make sure that the birds like each other before they are released. This is a love marriage . . . the Blue Lagoon of Falcons.



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Disarming Falcons from Diva Productions on Vimeo.